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Solar Cell and Photovoltaic Manufacturing and Research
Cryo pump applications in the solar cell: in metal coating process, if you using cryo pump instead of oil diffusion pump, the output of photovoltaic cell will increase 25%.
GX vacuum solutions salesLEYBOLD vacuum pump, it launches new series of vacuum pump: MAGiNTEGRA&DRYVAC, it can be applied in photovoltaic industry involved all manufacturing technologies of low vacuum, mid vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum. It providesvacuum technology, systems and services covering thecomponents,standardized systemsandfully customizedvacuumsolutions. Products include: oil rotary vane pump, slide valve pump, oil-free dry pumps, roots pump, turbo molecular pumps, oil diffusion pumps, cryo pumps, standard and customized coating systems for R & D.
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