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Vacuum Pump EquipmentVacuum Pump Systems

Vacuum Pump Systems Product List

VMC Series

VMC Series

For customers looking for an exhaust unit based on displacement




High-Vacuum Pump Systems

High-Vacuum Pump Systems

For customers looking for a high-vacuum pump system




Vacuum Pump EquipmentDry Vacuum Pumps

Dry Vacuum Pumps Product List

ISP Series (Scroll Meister)

ISP Series (Scroll Meister)

 【NEW】Leak-tight pumps with improved leak tightness launched!
 These low-vibration, low-noise pumps are oil free and used in many fields.
  ・The lineup supports pumping speeds from 50 to 1000 L/min.
  ・Accelerators, radiation facilities, analyzers, gas recovery, etc.

SDM Series (Scroll Meister)

SDM Series (Scroll Meister)

 These dry vacuum pumps operate with less vibration, less noise and a longer maintenance cycle than the ISP Series.
  ・The lineup supports a pumping speed of 320 L/min.
  ・Analyzers, accelerators, radiation facilities, etc.

DVSL Series (S Dry)

DVSL Series (S Dry)

 【NEW】 Pumps with hard coating launched!
 These are tough dry scroll vacuum pumps resistant to water vapor exhaust.
  ・The lineup supports pumping speeds from 100 to 1000 L/min.
  ・Deairator, vacuum drying, leak test, etc.

GVS Series

GVS Series

 The GVS Series makes scroll vacuum pumps more familiar. They can be used in low-vacuum regions.
  ・The lineup supports pumping speeds from 250 to 1000 L/min.
  ・Vacuum forming, vacuum chuck, etc.





Piping Parts

Related Devices

Connecting ring with O-ring

Type A B C D E F
KF10CR16VS 10 12 16 17 8 3.9
KF25CRVS 25 26 8 3.9
KF40CRVS 40 41 8 3.9


Type A B C
KF16CLA 61 45 16
KF25CLA 72 55 16
KF40CLA 90 70 16

Blank flange

Type A B C
KF16BS 30 17.2 5
KF25BS 40 26.2 5
KF40BS 55 41.2 5


Type A B C D
KF16EL90E 40 19.05 30 28.6
KF25EL90E 50 25.4 40 38.1
KF40EL90E 65 38.1 55 57.2


Type A B C D
KF16TE 40 19.05 30 80
KF25TE 50 25.4 40 100
KF40TE 65 38.1 55 130