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GX vacuum solutions is the leader of vacuum industry, we can always help you find the perfect high vacuum solutions.






Repair and service
We provide repairs on all types of high vacuum equipment. We perform turbomolecular pump repair,turbo pump repair, dry pump repair, vacuum pump repair, and mass spectrometer repair.Items include complete pump disassembly, high temperature, high pressure acqueous cleaning,inspection report and detailed scope of work provided etc.
Our highly trained technicians will deliver the highest quality service and satisfaction.
After-sales service
Regular inquire to the use of the vacuum pump, provide the maintenance guide.Prepare a large number of spare parts and consumables, so you can replace it at any time.
Sales and service
We will provide the various brands of vacuum pump,vacuum fittings, vacuum pressure measurement gauges & accessories with detailed product technical information, help to quick selection,If you need products or have questions, give us a call. A real person will answer your call and your questions.We can and want to help!

Integrate the powerful vacuum market of worldwide,to provide you high quality products at lowest prices.                                                                   

Use the computerized inventory management methods,ensure adequate inventory,to shorten the lead-times.                                                                     

Highly qualified technicians,provide you the professional guide, to help you solve the knotty problem.

GX vacuum solutions is your trusted partner in worldwide sales and service of High Vacuum equipment. We located in the industrial developed city of Shanghai in China, adjacent to the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, Convenient transportation. Our mission is to provide you with the best and helpful customer services. We dedicated to meet the needs of every customer, and 100% customer satisfaction.


 We are in the worldwide business of selling high vacuum products, vacuum fittings, vacuum pressure measurement gauges & accessories, famous brands such as Pfeiffer,Alcatel,Leybold,ULVAC,Edwards,Agilent,Varian,Hanbell,Osaka,Seiko seiki,Shimadzu,Anest iwata; specialized in the repair of vacuum equipment.


We provide the high quality service: integrate the powerful vacuum market of worldwide, use the computerized inventory management methods,to provide you high quality products at shortest lead-times and lowest prices.  

Turbo pumps

            Turbo Pumps

Turbopump is for high and ultra-high vacuum,widely used in high-energy accelerator etc.


Turbo Pumps
Dry Vacuum Pumps
Dry Scroll Pumps
Rotary Vane Pumps
Helium leak detectors
Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps
Roots Blower Pumps
Ion Pumps
Ion Pumps

                  Ion Pumps

l Agilent Varian

Diffusion Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Valves
Vacuum Pressure Gauges
Cryogenic Pump
Traps Mist Filters
Vacuum Fluids
Turbo Pump Repair
Helium Leak Detector Repair
Traps Mist Filters
Vacuum Fluids

           Vacuum Fluids


l Pfeiffer

l Alcatel



             Pfeiffer Vacuum                     Adixen by pfeiffer                      Agilent Technologies                           Varian                      Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum



         Edwards Vacuum                                Ulvac                                     Inficon                                  Anest Iwata                                Kashiyama



leybold D8C,D16C,D30C,D40C